Open positions

We always look for highly motivated researchers to join our team.
If you are excited about contributing to the cancer metastasis field and would like to join us please do get in touch.
We consider applications for a number of different positions, including:

Our lab offers a highly multidisciplinary environment focused on translational cancer research and collaborations between molecular biologists, clinicians, engineers, computational biologists and pharmaceutical companies.

How to apply for a position in the Cancer Metastasis lab:

All applicants should contact Nicola ( and include in their application package:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Motivation letter
  • List of three referees

Please state in clear terms why you would like to join us as well as your career goals.

Ideal applicants should be able to convey their achievements and passion for scientific discovery, as well as their dedication to improve our knowledge on how to fight metastatic cancers.